Our Approach

Who Are we?

Frickanisce welding was started by my Grandfather Frank Frickanisce, who had a small welding and blacksmith shop near our current location on the same property.

My Father Warren, expanded it to a larger building in the early 60s, and we have grown to three times that size since then.

Over time we have expanded our equipment and capabilities, to multi metal welding and brazing, shearing, bending, iron workers, core drills for concrete, etc.

We offer welding services on site, and in shop, and can work with aluminum at your location.


Our Story

What we do..

Early on, we were strictly a welding and blacksmithing shop, I still have my grandfathers original anvils, and tools, and yes, I still use them.

My father expanded the product line to include fire escapes, steel stairs, sidewalk doors, etc, in the sixties and seventies, and as time has moved on, primarily we work with aluminum, specializing in home and commercial railing.

Today, we are still hand crafting our railings, when most are turning to prefabricated one, synthetic wood, or vinyl.

We have tested all of these other systems, and none of them meet the durability, safety, or classic style of what most refer to as "Wrought Iron".

While some people need a fast solution, they usually get a poor solution.

We don't build products that are rated by years, we build products that are built to last for decades, in some cases, longer than the concrete or wood that they are installed in.

Next Steps...

Call us at 724 568 2001 today, or email, frick@fffiw.com....